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The Blacksun Hackers Club is first and foremost a community aimed at fostering education, creativity, and critical thinking across the discipline of Information Security. Founded around the idea that security belongs to everyone, opportunities to learn, grow, and excel in Information Security are offered to all members of this community, new and old. The Blacksun Hackers Club thus attempts to satisfy the following goals:

  • Education
  • Career Development
  • Community Outreach

By sharing educational materials such as books, ebooks, videos, and hand-on workshops, as well as giving members a real-time chat option via IRC, The Blacksun Hackers Club hopes to take people new to hacking and Information Security and bring them up to speed with a basic toolkit for prospering, and propel those more established in this craft to new heights.

By working closely with our members and helping them create a powerful resume based around published research, CVEs, and development/design portfolios, The Blacksun Hackers Club attempts to help both give back to the hacking and Information Security communities while also developing more adept hackers and help achieve personal career goals.